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Essence of the Mediterranean
Follow the olive oil trail in Jaen province

The olive groves in Jaen paint this landscape of gentle hills with green curves against a backdrop of red sand and clear light. In the Spanish imagination, Jaen could not exist without the stamp of these fields and sun. The olive tree has deep roots here, where popular culture has for centuries revolved around the precious oil extracted from the unassuming fruits. Signs of growing and processing olive oil date from the first century; then, during the Roman Empire, the province became the principal supplier of this liquid gold all around the Mediterranean. A visit to this land offers an insight into the culture of the oil, with visits to oil presses and cottages, trails among centuries-old olive trees, even a spa with olive oil-based treatments.

A good place to start the visit is at the Museo de la Cultura del Olivo, in the Hacienda de La Laguna, where you can learn the background and discover the different varieties of olives, the techniques of pressing and see the so-called "Catedral de Aceite" - the Oil Cathedral - a huge building where the precious liquid is housed. The county council organises guided tours to the Jaen olive groves, a veritable sea of olive trees.

Museo de la Cultura del Olivo
Address: Paraje Natural Laguna Grande. Ctra. N-321 Baeza -Jaén, km. 8. Puente del Obispo.
Tel: +34 953 76 51 42.
Web: www.museodelaculturadelolivo.com

Spa del Aceite de Oliva
Address: Hotel Sierra de Cazorla. Ctra. de la Sierra, km. 2.
Tel: +34 953 72 05 00.
Web: www.spaoleosalud.com

Rutas del Aceite
Web: www.dipujaen.es/lasrutasdelolivo

Diputación Provincial de Jaén
Web: www.promojaen.es


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