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Tablas de Daimiel
What to see

Information and visitor reception centre
Traditional building where the visitor can learn about the ecological values of the park. As well as an audiovisual room, information is provided about many of the animal and plant species to be found in the wetland.

La Laguna Permanente
An 800 metre path with viewing platforms that offer views of some of the most valuable plant life in the park, as well as a chance to observe the birds.

Pan Island
Two kilometres of wooden walkways which open out into platforms between the islands. Beneath them grow the green ova algae which are the main food stuff of many of the birds. The island ends in a small hill where an observatory rises which offers a view of much of the protected region.

Prado Ancho Tower
This occupies the highest point in the park and offers the best panoramic view of the area.


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