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A wealth of local culture

Discover Catalonia. Get to know the Romanesque churches of its Pyrenean valleys, the beautiful coves and beaches along its Mediterranean coast, its high mountain peaks and wide inland plains, the Cistercian monasteries and famous modernist wineries, its Roman heritage and its great modern cities. A succession of beautiful natural landscapes dotted with villages that hold an important artistic and cultural treasure.

Catalonia is located in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula. It is bounded on the east by the Mediterranean, to the north by France and Andorra, and to the west and south by the autonomous communities of Aragon and Valencia. It offers great geographic diversity, with a coastline strip of around 580 kilometres as well as various highland areas including the Pyrenees. Administratively, Catalonia is divided into four provinces: Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona, and 41 counties. Barcelona is the capital and one of the leading Mediterranean cities.

In general, a Mediterranean climate, although there are major variations in temperature: the coastline enjoys a mild climate with warm winters and hot summers, whereas the climate in the interior is continental Mediterranean, with cold winters and hot summers. The areas close to the Pyrenees have a mountain climate.


Based on the produce of the land, and adapted to the seasons and cultural traditions, Catalan cuisine is a rich and varied interpretation of the traditional Mediterranean diet. The diversity of the countryside gives rise to a multitude of local dishes appropriate to the geographic area: seafood on the Costa Brava; succulent combinations of seafood with other typical products from the interior in Emporda; mountain cuisine in the Pyrenees; recipes based on vegetables and salads, fish and rice in Tarragona; meats, cheeses, sausages, poultry and vegetables in Central Catalonia and Lleida and even more creative dishes in Barcelona. The wine business also reflects the high quality of local produce, with 11 appellation d'origines, from full-bodied reds to prestigious cavas.

Catalonia Tourist Information
Phone: +34 932 38 80 91
Address: Passeig de Gracia, 107. Palau Robert. Barcelona

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